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Dec 3, 2022  Week: 48


Entries by Josh Kirschenbaum (13)
Nov 15, 2022
HandPicked Vegetable Harvest Supports Local Food Bank

Each summer, the HandPicked Vegetables trials planted at our Elburn, Illinois, research field are....

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Jun 28, 2022
Meet the HandPicked Vegetables Team

As the HandPicked Vegetables® collection continues to find its way into the market and get into....

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Jan 17, 2022
Our Pepper is a Green Thumb Award Winner

I'm so pleased to share that the NEW Pepper Candy Cane Chocolate Cherry is a National Garden Bureau....

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Nov 2, 2021
2021 Vegetable Trials Recap

No one is happier than us to have real, in-person trial visits again! This past summer, the HandPicked....

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May 12, 2021
FREE Marketing Tools For Kitchen Minis

There's plenty of excitement brewing from consumers for growing their own food, and the NEW ....

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