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2023 Vegetable Trials

This past August, vegetable trials were opened at two locations for us to visit. The HandPicked Vegetables team was happy to travel to Woodland, California; as well as Hall, New York, to check out the results and talk to visitors. From coast to coast, we got the chance to interact with guests and speak with colleagues face-to-face.

According to Isabel Branstrom, Product Development Manager – Vegetables, “The trials provide a great opportunity to connect with customers and see our products growing in different environments. We can spend time taking a close look at new vegetable varieties and gathering valuable input. This includes verbal feedback, and non-verbal like seeing someone’s face light up after taking a bite of a tasty tomato! It really is something special to connect with other vegetable lovers and celebrate the unique varieties that our Handpicked program has to offer.”

I couldn’t agree more. As the Business and Portfolio Manager - Vegetables, having your finger on the pulse of the industry is a necessity. And Isabel pretty much summed it up! But I would also add how these trials provide us the opportunity to see how our products grow in different environments. This, plus getting feedback from our customers about future introductions is vital to our product development strategy.

We continue to look forward to talking with guests and seeing what interests them and how our products perform in a variety of climates and conditions. Innovation is key. Let’s keep the momentum going!

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