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PanAmerican Seed

For all different climates, PanAmerican Seed is ready with award-winning products tested at multiple trial locations worldwide. We can best serve all your needs in seed with the right products guaranteed to perform.

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Best-in-class genetics are created by our incredible team, developed with innovative breeding techniques. With the help of the premier lab, these products are produced with the best seed technology.

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Our regional sales and customer service teams can support your orders and deliveries. Reach out to your local expert with questions on plant culture, greenhouse obstacles, or product recommendations.


Jason Hough
President Asia Pacific Region
Mark Gross
Area Manager Japan, Australia and New Zealand
Tracy Chang
Area Manager China
Jane Vathesatogkit
Area Manager Southeast Asia
Kevin Sun
Area Manager South Korea and Taiwan

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Our high-performance products are offered throughout your region. Select from a wide list of distributors to find your preferred seed or young plant suppliers, or reach out to our sales teams.

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