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SimplySalad Pro for Hydroponics

Let’s talk about our brand new SimplySalad® Pro series of multi-seeded pellets. Unlike the SimplySalad mixes that were created for the home gardener, the SimplySalad Pro series uses our PMPL seed form, which is innovative technology that's great for the hydroponic grower, especially in a Rockwool tray.

Every single pellet gets the exact same number of high germination seeds. With the large pellets for SimplySalad Pro, they’re easy to sow. Just pop them right in by hand into the tray. One pellet per plug. And you’re still going to get that great assortment of lettuce and greens from each pellet.

In the #FreshIdeas video below from Product Line Manager Susannah Ball, see the amazing progression from pellet to 35 days from being sowed, and check out the live action water tunnel!

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