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Consumer Research: Indoor Plants

This year, the annual California Spring Trials (CAST) were held in a digital space called SimulCAST20, a virtual video experience with expert hosts highlighting all of the new and exciting products for 2020.

While we planned our CAST presentations, we sought out interesting ways to share consumer data with our attendees, specifically data and research to support our Kitchen Minis® program of indoor vegetables. Seth Reed, co-founder of the app GrowIt!, dug into demographics to explain today’s consumer trends and how you can take advantage of them.

GrowIt! is a mobile app designed to create a social community for plant enthusiasts. One of the first trends Seth discussed during our CAST presentation was the popularity of indoor plants and house plants that he’s seen through the GrowIt! app. In fact, 30% of all interactions on the app were related to house plants and indoor growing.
Trend #1 Indoor Plants

With this in mind, Seth explains why the indoor plant segment is so important to consumers. “There are millions of people that live in urban environments that simply don’t have gardens,” says Seth, “but they still want to grow things, they want to nurture something. So, they rely on house plants and indoor plants to fill that need.”

After digging a bit deeper, Seth discovered another trend – his members yearn for more edible plant options for indoor growing. Although some consumers may have space limitations – with the lack of balconies, patios or gardens – they are still interested in fresh fruit, vegetable and herb options to grow in their homes.

Trend #2 Edibles Indoors

“They want the herbs for the cocktails; they want fruits that they can find in the grocery stores; they just want something that they can grow, pick off the plant and bite into,” Seth explains.

One last trend discussed during this portion of SimulCAST20 was the hunger consumers have for new, unique and different varieties. Many are currently growing standard spider plants in their homes, but they are wondering what other options are available for indoor house plant inspiration.

Trend #3 Hungry for More Varieties

With these trends in mind comes a game-changing solution: The NEW Kitchen Minis® program from PanAmerican Seed. With several potted-plant options in this program, you can grow mini vegetables inside or out. For consumers with limited outdoor space, these veggies can live on a sunny windowsill or counter. Plus, home gardeners can grow and eat their own homegrown vegetables all year round.

With Kitchen Minis from PanAmerican Seed, consumers can enjoy fresh, edible, indoor or outdoor potted plants that are definitely new, different and unique!

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I just have a hard time growing plants where I'm at not too much sunlight comes in my window and I love green plants I love flowery plants right now I'm safe with an l o l o l but I have a peace lily which I've yet to bloom need to transplant and the new plan is Kong lime Sprite and I need the best tips drawing any of these in a low sunlit house help
Wednesday, July 7, 2021 | Donna Testa
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