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Meet the Wave family

Wave® Petunias and Cool Wave® Pansies promise easy, spreading colour. Perfect in any sunny place you plant them – window boxes, planters, baskets or yard. There is a Wave for every style! Find the one that's right for you.

Wave Petunias

Wave is the most-asked-for plant brand ever! Our consumer research shows that Wave has a 25% brand awareness in North America with garden consumers. They rave about Wave’s easy, spreading colour and unbeatable garden performance.

  • Choose Wave® – our original, spreading Petunia for the garden or trailing baskets.
  • Tidal Wave® creates a spreading bed of Petunias in any landscape.
  • Easy Wave® and E3 Easy Wave™ are versatile for stunning mixes and lush baskets.
  • Shock Wave® is packed with petite blooms for high-impact, colourful containers.

Cool Wave Pansies

This is the industry’s fastest-growing, longest-lasting, truly trailing pansy for Spring and Autumn. Cool Wave Pansy offers amazing vigour and colour for cool season gardens.

  • Twice the spread … double the colour!
  • Extend your growing and selling seasons.
  • Superior overwintering hardiness – Cool wave is the earliest pansy to return in Spring.
  • Multitude of varieties for seasonal colour palates.

Smarter scheduling with PanAmerican Seed

Your greenhouse temperatures and light levels are key factors in predicting that first open flower. To simplify the guesswork, and meet tight market shipping windows, PanAmerican Seed has partnered with university floriculture teams on a new Smart Scheduling Tool.

Smart Scheduling Tool

Complete support

Harness the power of the Wave brand and experience the comprehensive sales support behind you, including national marketing campaigns to build consumer awareness.

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Promotional materials

Here’s your DIY guide to selling even more of the most popular flowering annual ever! Whether you’re a “one-man” grow-and-sell business or a large retailer with multiple outlets, our Wave promotional marketing resources include sales-building solutions you can put to use today and into the future.

DIY – Your Own Printer

Print POP from your own desktop, easily and quickly!

TIP: Fresh sells best! Reprint and hang new signs rather than use faded or wet POP.
TIP: Need a different size? Adjust your printer options to scale down the image to customize bench card sizes to fit your needs.

DIY – On-Demand Printing

Many office product retail stores have onsite “copy-and-print centers” that offer fast, affordable custom printing options.


Cool Wave Summer Production for Fall Sales
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Complete Support for Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies
Celebrating 25 Years of Wave Petunias
E3 Easy Wave Spreading Petunia
Easy Wave Spreading Petunia
Shock Wave Spreading Petunia
Tools to Build Your Wave Sales
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