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Build a successful Wave display

It’s easy to start small and build your customer base. Check out these simple – and oftentimes FREE! – ways to grow your Wave sales.

5 Steps for your garden centre

1. Tell your preferred grower that you want Wave and lots of them.

Remember to preorder early for the best selection.

2. Always sell Wave in Pink packaging.

Wave Pink pots and packs ...

  • Maintain the premium product image of the Wave brand.
  • Promote greater sell-through – Pink packaging outsells black 6 to 1!
  • Wave Petunias are the only petunias that can be marketed in Pink packaging.

TIP: Growers and Retailers: Order Pink packaging from several plastics manufacturers.

Download Packaging Manufacturers

3. Give customer more Wave colours.

60% of consumers surveyed want more Wave Petunia and Cool Wave Pansy colours to choose from.

4. Let them take home Wave earlier and later.

Send the right series to market at the right time with more colour choices. Expand your retail footprint! The Wave brand offers multi-season sales. Be sure to rotate basic colours with more novel colors throughout the selling season.

  • Early season: E3 Easy Wave and Shock Wave Petunias in premium pots, packs and hanging baskets. Cool Wave Pansies in pots and hanging baskets.
  • Main season: Easy Wave Petunias in 306 premium packs, pots and hanging baskets. Wave Petunias in pots.
  • Mid- to late-season: Tidal Wave Petunias in larger pots. Cool Wave Pansies in pots and hanging baskets.

5. Tell shoppers you carry Wave with banners and signs.

Attract attention and drive retail traffic with Wave merchandising tools and POP.

How to Merchandise Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies
Download the Planogram

More Wave display and selling tips

Once your customers meet Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies, they’ll be hungry for more. Keep the momentum building with these simple ways to win with Wave.

Plant Wave at your facility to show ultimate performance

What better way to bring in shoppers than with near-the-road Wave displays?

  • Plant a low-growing landscape bed of Wave Purple Classic around your entrance sign or along your driveway.
  • Place Tidal Wave Petunias trailing over a wall or against a fence.
  • Display mature containers and baskets with the Wave family throughout your retail area.

Host in-store events with Wave.

  • Saturday Samples: Send your customers home with small quantities of the newest Wave colours.
  • Team Tie-Ins: Set up a display of Wave petunias supporting school colours or local sports teams.
  • “Wave & Wine”: Host an upscale wine tasting party in your garden center, and have team experts show to pair Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies for every gardening taste. You may even partner with a local wine store to share the evening and potentially add new customers for each business.
  • Wave Pre-Orders: Many of your customers already know, buy and trust Wave. Offer them the opportunity to place their orders ahead of time and reserve their Wave plants. Your customers will have a choice of the widest colour selection, and you will learn more about their Wave petunia preferences. You can even make Wave pick-up day a store event!
  • Wow Wave Containers: Create a beautiful centerpiece to display all week and then raffle it off. Place a box and entry slips nearby — this is a great way to stir up excitement and build your customer mailing list. Mature containers on display are also great living examples of how to use Wave petunias and inspire new business.
  • Host Your Own “Waveinar” Demo: Choose your most talented "combo creator" on staff, set up a potting bench in a prominent position, and show shoppers how to plant their own containers.
  • Staff Favorites: Follow the lead of bookstores and wine shops with simple signage that tells shoppers what your staff prefers and why.
  • Community Plantings: Connect with your town or city by donating Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies for public beds in parks, around civic buildings or schools, or in front of your local hospital.
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