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Fresh ideas in vegetables

The HandPicked Vegetables Collection offers a high-quality assortment of vegetables and herbs especially for those who supply fresh market farmers and home gardeners.

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What sets PanAmerican Seed’s HandPicked Vegetables apart from their edible competition is a commitment to breeding fresh ideas and homegrown flavour. HandPicked Vegetable varieties are specially selected for …

  • Earlier and longer harvests.
  • Loads of produce to sell!
  • Habits to fit smaller growing spaces.
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Trialed, tested and selected

Our vegetables have been trialed, tested and chosen for excellent taste and fruit quality. Our breeders aim for better disease resistance, longer harvests and high productivity. These unique, hardworking varieties help bring fresh ideas into the kitchen.

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Proven locally

Many of PanAmerican Seed’s vegetables and herbs have been named winners by one of the most prestigious organizations in the industry: All-America Selections. Gardeners and fresh market farmers can count on these award-winning varieties for their superior garden performance in independent, unbiased field trials that take place across North America. Selling success is almost guaranteed, thanks to the built-in promotion by AAS every year for these top-notch selections.

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Support, tools and resources

PanAmerican Seed offers the tools you need to be successful with vegetables and herbs! Download our growing guide, brochure and plant culture to help with production. Connect with our team on social media at Facebook and Instagram @HandPickedVegetables. It’s also easy to download and print customer-friendly bin signs for your retail customers. Choose from plant bench cards for a garden centre, or produce bin cards for fresh markets.

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