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Beacon Impatiens Gives Back

A partnership is so much more than just a donation. In addition to a percentage of our Beacon Impatiens global seed sales (click here to learn more about that), we’re aiming to shine a light and bring awareness to two incredible organizations this year that support individuals with macular disease and low vision.

We had the privilege of going to Spectrios Institute for Low Vision and adding some beauty and color to their gardens with Beacon Impatiens. If you haven’t heard of them, read more here on Spectrios and macular disease.

A group of team members from PanAmerican Seed took a trip to Wheaton, Illinois, in early June. Perla Marbella, Lisa Speranske, Janessa Bender and I showed off our green thumbs and planted Beacon Impatiens around the Spectrios campus.

At PanAmerican Seed, we are proud of the impact our customers and home gardeners are making through each purchase of Beacon and the commitment we share of charitable giving.

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