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Sustainable Progress at PanAmerican Seed Facilities

We’re happy to report on the progress PanAmerican Seed continues to make when it comes to improving our sustainability efforts company wide. Our persistence has led us to the industry forefront of sustainable flower seed production, as well as clearing the way for zero discharge of hazardous pollutants and chemicals by year’s end. Our goals are clear and mindful. By continuing to be environmentally conscious in a cost-effective way, we plan on staying the course well into the future as part of our company culture.

This year, our goal is to produce 1 BILLION seeds using only biological controls and with no pesticide applications during production. PanAmerican Seed production sites will continue to have MPS certification (More Profitable Sustainability), and our hope is to achieve and maintain an A+ grade in this certification.

By 2023, we will measure the company’s carbon footprint and as a target, reduce this number by 50% before 2030. In collaboration with this effort, we also look forward to using 100% renewable, recyclable, or reusable material inputs. And by 2025, we plan to reduce overall company water usage by 30%.

Increasing our social responsibility efforts for workers at all of our farms will bring about the best employee experience. We are proud to say that 100% of our production employees will earn a living wage by 2025. Through subsidizing meals, offering free transportation, and providing health care and complimentary medical checkups, we strive to further improve benefits for our employees.

Besides supporting the environment and the welfare of our employees, we are also finding ways to improve the communities around our facilities. One of these improvement projects is a school building renovation near our farm in Guatemala. This complete remodeling project includes new desks, renovating the kitchen, roof, bathroom, a classroom expansion, as well as providing the school with a new TV and computers.

Enthusiasm for green advancement throughout our company continues to grow and we’re committed to sustainability. We are excited to have these goals within reach supporting generations to come. To find out more about our innovative sustainability initiatives at PanAmerican Seed, download our Production Sustainability Report now.

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