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Only the best

Best-in-class genetics are created by our incredible breeding team and developed through innovative breeding techniques. With the help of our world-class Ball Helix and Premier Lab partners, our products are produced with the best seed technology to provide your business with new solutions.

Wide assortment

PanAmerican Seed creates a one-stop-shop for you with products from all categories:

  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Vegetables & Herbs
  • Potted Plants
  • Cut Flowers

Find them all at your regional PanAmerican Seed website, and connect with your local representative.

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Reliable supply all-year long

We’re your global partner with seed delivered to you on time for a successful growing season. We support you with the right products guaranteed to perform, the best customer service and tech support in the industry, and controlled production to help you always grow your best.

Our Story

Over 160 award-winning show-stoppers

The “stamp of approval” on these reliable, proven varieties assures landscapers and home gardeners that they are selecting and planting superior performers. Growers and retailers benefit from the added promotional efforts that these winners receive, both at their debut and for years to come.

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Product innovation

We are constantly innovating. Our breeding teams are constantly looking for the next evolution of seed solutions to breed products to help your business. With the help of Ball Helix Research & Development, we use the newest techniques to find best-in-class genetics. With the Ball Premier Lab, we strive to provide the most superior seed by developing future-proof seed forms, seed-testing protocols, seed quality ratings, and improved coating and pelleting techniques to make your production as efficient as possible. With the input we get from our customers we will continuously strive for innovation.

Seed Forms
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