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Apr 22, 2021
The PanAmerican Seed 2-Year Catalogue Is Now Available

The theme of the 2022-2023 PanAmerican Seed catalogue is “Plants for growing success!” – with an exclamation point – because our industry has grown exponentially in the past years and these are exciting times for new gardeners and plant lovers across the globe.

Filling the 257 pages of our latest two-year catalogue are new varieties and series that will meet the needs of today’s marketplace. Choose from any of our plant categories to explore the products developed from quality breeding, and supported by enhanced seed technology and excellent customer support.

The 2022-2023 catalogue is your starting point to help you always grow your best:

   Potted Plants
   Cut Flowers
   Vegetables & Herbs
   Plug & Play™

Some highlights for this latest edition: Check out our Kitchen Minis™ Collection – a new concept in vegetables. It includes edible potted tomato and pepper plants that will entice consumers to buy, eat, repeat. Explore our growing solutions with the E3 Easy Wave™ Petunias, which is an evolution of our Wave program to get you earlier sales. Look for the Pro Landscape Performer icon to see varieties that excel in professional landscape applications.

It’s all there and so much more to discover! View our virtual catalogue online now or download a PDF format at our Catalogues page. Watch for a printed copy to arrive to your offices soon, or reach out to your preferred distribution partner to request a copy today.

We've also launched another great resource for all your greenhouse seed production needs... the 2022 Seed Product Information Guide is filled with expert plant culture GrowerFacts and all the knowledge to help you grow the best products. Download a copy of the resource in English, as well as in Spanish and Japanese. But don't forget that all our growing info can be found online and translated into multiple languages at our Culture webpage.

With all these key resources, PanAmerican Seed makes it easier for you to grow!

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