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No Garden? No Problem.

Kitchen Minis® is a collection of naturally compact potted vegetable plants ideal for tabletop use. For consumers without outdoor garden space, who still want to enjoy fresh vegetables with that just-picked taste, Kitchen Minis are an instant solution!

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Kitchen Minis are selected for success in lower light conditions, making them ideal for indoor use on a sunny counter or windowsill, as well as outside on a patio table. Consumers purchase their pots with ready-grown fruit. No need to replant – just add sunlight and a little water. BUY. EAT. REPEAT!

  • Produce almost all year round with the right conditions.
  • Sell during main vegetable season, as well as extend into shoulder season sales.
  • Ship and sell ready-to-pick with a few ripe fruit.
  • Consumers harvest for another 4-6 weeks at home as the rest of the fruit ripens.
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Consumer interest

Position Kitchen Minis where consumers buy tomatoes and live culinary herb plants in a grocery store produce area or at garden retailers. They also make a creative gift when dropped in a décor pot or wrap, to sell in the indoor floral area of your store or garden centre.


Promotional Materials

Take advantage of posters, bench cards, banners and tabletop signs, as well as a consumer website and social media materials to get the word out on Kitchen Minis in a big way.

Social Media

The following photos are sized specifically for use on your social media channels.

1) Download the selected image below.
2) Copy-paste from this page associated with your selected image.
3) Create post to help you promote and sell!
Kitchen Minis™ logo
Kitchen Minis logo example
NEW at *insert garden center name here*! Kitchen Minis are tabletop veggies you can grow inside or out! They are perfect for fresh-eating enthusiasts who don’t have the space for a garden. A sunny countertop or patio table is all you need. Come in to see our selection and give #kitchenminis a try today!
Kitchen Minis™
Kitchen Minis tomato and pepper photo
Have you always dreamed of having garden-fresh veggies but don’t have the space for a garden? Well, we’re making your dreams come true! Take home #kitchenminis today and harvest 4-6 weeks of ripe fruit from each plant! Simply place on a sunny countertop or patio table and enjoy. #NoGardenNoProblem
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Kitchen Minis tomato photo
Harvest and enjoy your own homegrown tomatoes with #kitchenminis! (No garden required.) Siam Tomato will brighten up your windowsill or patio table, and provides deliciously sweet fruit for your recipes! With Siam, you’ll enjoy handfuls of cherry tomatoes over a few weeks.
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Kitchen Minis pepper photo
Today’s feature from the new #kitchenminis collection: Fresh Bites Yellow Pepper! Deliciously sweet, thick-walled, vibrant yellow snack peppers taste great eaten right off the plant, chopped up in a salad, or even grilled. Also available in red and orange, these peppers make the perfect edible decor for any countertop or patio table!
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Hot Pepper
Kitchen Minis hot pepper photo
Your stir-fry recipe just got a homegrown upgrade! Now available from the #kitchenminis collection is Taquito Edible Potted Pepper. This pint-sized pepper plant is perfect for a windowsill with decorative, upright, conical peppers and small foliage. Spicy peppers ripen from green to bright red and are great for adding to a stir-fry.
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Comic Book
Kitchen Minis comic book photo
Do you live in a condo or apartment without access to a garden? We have veggie plants for you! The #kitchenminis collection includes cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, and hot peppers, and every plant can be grown indoors on a sunny counter. Grow and harvest your own fresh vegetables for the first time this season! #buyeatrepeat
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