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Mar 29, 2023  Week: 13

Solarscape™ XL Salmon Glow Interspecific Impatiens

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  • Solarscape™ XL Salmon Glow Landscape
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Scientific Name : Impatiens hybrida

Common Name : Interspecific impatiens

Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer

Plant Habit : Mounded

Spacing : 12 - 14" (30 - 36cm)

Height : 11 - 13" (28 - 33cm)

Width : 18 - 20" (46 - 51cm)

Exposure : Partial Sun, Sun

Grower Information : 
Seed supplied as: Raw.
Impatiens landscapers love
Solarscape seed-propagated interspecific impatiens provides unbeatable colour in full-sun garden beds and containers. Durable Solarscape performs just like vegetative varieties with the flexibility of seed. Landscape growers will appreciate this option to fulfill non-branded needs that grow strong in the sun!

Plug crop time: (288) 4 to 5 weeks, (128) 5 to 6 weeks
Transplant to finish: 7 to 10 weeks

Available in North America only.

  • Flowers start out a bright salmon colour with shading to lighter salmon-coral.
  • XL plant height averages about 20% larger than standard Solarscape.
  • Great low-maintenance plant provides high-colour impact in full-sun spaces, whether in the ground or in containers.
  • This new interspecific impatiens series offers growers the flexibility of a seed input that is available all year round, making scheduling a breeze.
  • Seed-propagated Solarscape provides the same garden performance as vegetative interspecific impatiens without the royalties! Perfect for opening-price-point, non-branded programs at retail.
  • Offers landscape growers a non-branded, cost-efficient alternative.
  • Blooms have tropical appeal, with a satiny texture and vibrant, glowing colour.

Medal of Excellence Industry's Choice