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Jan 29, 2023  Week: 4

Sun Dipper Tomato

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Scientific Name : Solanum lycopersicum

Common Name : Tomato, Small-Fruited

Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer

Plant Habit : Climbing, Upright

Spacing : 18 - 36" (46 - 91cm)

Height : 60 - 84" (152 - 213cm)

Width : 36 - 48" (91 - 122cm)

Exposure : Sun

Grower Information : 
Seed supplied as: Raw.

Tomato Class : Small-Fruited

Type : Specialty Small-Fruited

Habit : Indeterminate

Tomato Colour : Orange

Fruit Characteristics : Dipper, elongated, pointed

Fruit Size : 2-2.5 in./5-6 cm long x 0.5-0.7 in./1-2 cm wide

Disease Resistance : HR: F1, N, TMV

Days to maturity from transplant : 60-65

Production Method : Field, Protected Culture

Just right for dipping
Sun Dipper’s elongated fruit can be held between your fingers for easy use with dips and sauces. The orange fruit looks great on a vegetable platter and tastes delicious. The fruit’s unique shape will stand out at retail and the durable plant has great resistance to in-ground diseases, as well.
  • Sun Dipper is an orange “dipper” tomato with elongated fruit that is easily held between your fingers for dipping in dressing on a vegetable platter.
  • This unique elongated fruit shape is eye-catching and delicious, and it’s perfect for differentiating vegetable programs at retail. 
  • The plant is indeterminate and has resistance to Fusarium, Nematodes and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.
  • Sun Dipper performs well in field production as well as high tunnels.
  • Prune plant to 1 to 2 leaders to increase fruit size up to 3 to 4 in. (8 to 10 cm) long.

New National Garden Bureau Green Thumb Award