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We are PanAmerican Seed

PanAmerican Seed is an internationally renowned breeder and producer of seed-raised flowers and vegetables. Our innovative spirit has enabled us to grow and expand across the world. One simple question challenges us every day: What innovative products can we develop that make your business more successful?

75 years of experience

As a leader in innovation, our award-winning plant breeders work toward the same goal – to provide our clients with healthy seeds for quality products.

+100 awards

Not only do our outstanding products win awards, but our people are also one-of-a-kind. Improving quality, serving your needs with excellence, and striving for best-in-class genetics at all times.

Serving the world

With product knowledge and a regional approach, we can serve our customers in the best possible ways giving them a fully custom experienced based on their needs.

Regional experts

Our team of 32 regional account managers know what is trending in your market. In addition, our breeding teams are fully committed to match products to your region’s needs.

Inspired Solutions

Looking for new solutions? The experts at PanAmerican are here to inspire and make your production smooth and easy. With our dedication to breeding, research, trialing and creating time-saving solutions, we have the tools you need for success.

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Our brands

Here are some of our popular brands and programs available from PanAmerican Seed.
Choose your region to find more details if they are offered in your area.

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