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Igniting imagination with every stem

For years, PanAmerican Seed has provided the highest quality seed to professional cut flower growers around the world. BloomStudios Cut Flowers grew from this drive to bring innovative breeding and technical resources to the professional cut flower market through our reliable distribution network.

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BloomStudios offers a high-quality collection of cut flowers through innovative breeding and technical resources for the professional market.

  • Rooted in science
  • A legacy of innovation
  • Committed to sustainability
  • Complete growing support
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Confidence in cuts

Just like cut flowers need to be nurtured every step of the way – from plug and seed to vase – we also take great pains to support every step of the supply chain. We provide detailed technical support for growing cut flowers, with a high level of information regarding production and best practices. We strongly believe that we are all in this together, and recognize that the quality and care of our products, and our business relationships, significantly impacts the profitability and success of our cut flower growers.

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A legacy of innovation

Advanced products from BloomStudios are developed by breeders throughout PanAmerican Seed and Ball Horticultural Company. Our breeders leverage a team of experts in molecular biology, cell biology, analytical chemistry, pathology and intellectual property to develop innovative cut flower products.

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An inspiring collection

Growers around the globe count on our outstanding cut flower varieties that ship and store exceptionally, create better arrangements, and ultimately put a smile on the face of the end consumer. Our core products are carefully chosen to maximize your results and customer demand. And we continually add new, unique, on-trend and innovative crops to our cut flower assortment.

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