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Sow Fast. Grow Fast. Program Adds Vegetables and Herbs

Check out our Sow Fast. Grow Fast.™ program that is perfect for shoulder season sales to fill those benches fast, and clear them even faster.

You’ll be ready to sell in 10 weeks or less. Whether in a greenhouse or at a retail store, an empty bench is ultimately an opportunity for sales.

Filling benches can herald the exciting start to the spring season or, later on, they’re a chance for more product after peak has subsided. However, an empty bench can also be distressing. It all comes down to timing; if a crop takes too long to sow, grow and finish that sales potential is soon out of reach.

The sales potential is real through our production scheduling program called: Sow Fast. Grow Fast. This program is built on the foundation of the PanAmerican Seed research team’s in-depth knowledge of both product culture and greenhouse conditions for predicting flower timing. The data and research are the perfect intersection of:

  • Proven germination
  • Calculated finish times
  • Quick turn-around

More than 218 varieties are ready to sell in 10 weeks or less, which includes several award-winning and top-performing varieties, such as Beacon Impatiens, Double Zahara Zinnia, Sol Celosia and Pacifica XP Vinca. See the full list online and download the Excel spreadsheet for easy use.

New this year, Sow Fast. Grow Fast. will feature herb and vegetable varieties for even more combo creativity. It also includes the new Titan-ium Vinca! Titan-ium will debut at California Spring Trials this March 2024.

All varieties are available in quart or gallon sizes, ultimately solving the issue so many greenhouses face after peak spring sales: empty benches. Use the chart here to create fast, expertly designed combos and keep your sales growing.

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