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Ways to Improve Efficiencies in Production

Our team here at PanAmerican Seed is chock-full of experts ready to share their knowledge and experience in their field of expertise. Take for example, Gus Tassara, Director of Global Production for PanAmerican Seed.

He specializes in ways to improve efficiencies in production, as well as having a passion for the sustainability process. You can read all about how in his recently contributed articles to AgriBusiness Review Magazine.

In “Ways to Improve Resource Availability in Agriculture,” Tassara talks about expansion in the private sector to help small farmers, how the pandemic continues to affect the supply chain, and advancements in technology. He also discusses how small farmers can bridge the gap and promote equality by purchasing used equipment in good condition.

In his other article, “Indoor Farming at PanAmerican Seed,” Tassara comments on the advantage of growing in a greenhouse. It’s more profitable when you can produce crops when nobody else is growing them, all the while reducing fertilizer and water use. The ability to have control in terms of light, temperature and humidity in a greenhouse is something PanAmerican Seed has the knowledge to do well, which creates a successful advantage. However, this is done with sustainability in mind. “Working in harmony with nature is critical to our success,” he says.

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