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Recap: Colourful FlowerTrials!

What a sunny and colourful week it has been! We are still reliving the FlowerTrials of 2023. It was a pleasure to welcome lots of visitors to our location in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, together with Florensis and Graines Voltz. It is the perfect time to present our newest and well-known products and to have fruitful discussions about opportunities in the market.

Did you miss it?

Don’t you worry! In 2024, FlowerTrials® and PanAmerican Seed open their doors again in week 24, from 11th to 14th June. Make sure to mark it on your calendar! To see this year's highlights, watch our wrap-up video of FlowerTrials 2023.

Already inspired and want to contact us? Send any questions to our team!

Wondering about possibilities in your region? Questions about our new website? You can always reach out to our European team here.

Newest Introductions of PanAmerican Seed
Some of the newest products we showed at FlowerTrials were the sought-after colour Lipstick and the mix Pearl Island of our Beacon® series, the well-known highly resistant Impatiens! All our varieties have a special powdery mildew resistance. Besides that, we showed the newest introductions within our popular E3 Easy Wave® series. A new yellow variety and a new Sweet Taffy mix have been added.

Check our website to learn more about our newest introductions!

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