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Guatemala School Renovation Completed

Last year, the team at Floricultura, the Ball Horticultural Company production farm in Jalapa, Guatemala, made a pledge of funds to renovate and remodel the elementary school located just outside the farm. This school, called Los Achiotes, is attended by many of the farm’s employees’ children, as well as many children from the local area. It was badly in need of repair. But now, I'm pleased to say that over the past year the repairs have continued and are now completed. In late-December, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the newly renovated facility!

I traveled to Jalapa with Shannon Carmody, director of plant pathology for PanAmerican Seed, and attended the ceremony, along with the Floricultura team and members of the local community. Also in attendance was the Superintendent of Schools for the State of Jalapa, who had a special connection to the school: Her mother was a teacher there for over 20 years, and her father worked as a driver for Floricultura. She spoke about her connection to the school at the event. The ceremony was lovely and included presentations from the students, music, dancing and lunch.

Renovations included an overhaul of the school’s kitchen facilities to allow for improved ventilation, upgraded classrooms with screens and projectors, resurfacing of the sports area, and, of course, new landscaping along the school’s perimeter with plants from Floricultura. These upgrades will have a huge positive impact on the students, teachers and the community at large.

Thank you, PanAmerican Seed and the Floricultura team, for giving back to the local community and making a difference!

Check out the videos below to see some before and after footage of the school, as well as some images of the ribbon cutting celebration.

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