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FlowerTrials Recap (VIDEO)

PanAmerican Seed was very pleased to take part once again in FlowerTrials. This year, we showed off our best-quality, seed-raised products for 2023, and celebrated 75 years of innovation! Thank you to our host facility in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.

PanAmerican Seed's entrance at FlowerTrials 2022 is full of potted plants and hanging baskets

This exciting in-person event was held from June 14-17. PanAmerican Seed joined more than 61 other pot and bedding plant breeders at FlowerTrials, which exhibited in three regions in The Netherlands and Germany.

We got the chance to see the newest innovations in bedding plants, container plants and indoor and outdoor pot plants, learning about crop information, retail concepts, as well as finding inspiration in the latest trends.

See a few photos from our exhibit below, and take a tour of the displays at the video link.

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