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Get to Know the New Summer Flowering Perennials

Our expanding line of perennials for professional growers have been selected to provide reliable color and performance.

With new varieties such as Echinacea Artisan Yellow Ombre, Perovskia Bluesette and Rudbeckia Goldblitz, these long-blooming pollinators will impress customers as perennials with power.

Echinacea Artisan Yellow Ombre

NEW Yellow Ombre joins the Artisan Collection of seed Echinacea that offers consistency of plant structure for uniform and highly branched, full plants. The series also provides uniformity of flowering, so all plants are ready to sell at the same time. Plus, the benefit of a seed input provides flexibility for production, so it fits better in your schedule. Yellow Ombre features a more upright habit than Red Ombre and Soft Orange, and the foliage is a lighter mid-green.

Perovskia Bluesette

Perovski Bluesette is a new novelty variety with a controlled habit, early flowering and early finishing, which makes it easy to grow for the consumer and landscape market. It’s the first and only, compact, branching and early Perovskia from seed. This superb garden plant features a long flowering period with ornamental foliage, as well as a pleasing fragrance that attracts bees and butterflies.

Rudbeckia Goldblitz

Here’s a new first-year-flowering solution for growers that cannot finish Goldsturm under their natural growing conditions. NEW Goldblitz provides a more economical input option for natural daylength growers, as the plus do not require special treatment to perform to the same quality as Goldsturm. This low-maintenance variety features tight foliage with shiny, dark green leaves that hold back weeds and flower abundantly from Summer well into Fall. Its golden yellow horizontal petals contrast nicely with the black center disc.

PanAmerican Seed continues to expand its impressive perennial offerings. Order these new powerful performers today by contacting your preferred distributor.

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