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New Construction for PanAmerican Seed Europe Begins

PanAmerican Seed’s new construction project has begun! On Monday, May 2, the first pile has been driven into the polders of West Friesland (the Netherlands) for PanAmerican Seed’s new, state-of-the-art greenhouses. In addition, a new office building will be built for the growing company, and new research facilities will be created.

Since PanAmerican Seed specializes in the breeding and sales of high-quality seed products, innovation and a view to the future are a high priority for the company. A good reason to not only further develop breeding processes, but also to improve the facilities in order to work even more efficiently and innovatively.

PanAmerican Seed has set the ambitious plans in motion in partnership with DLVge. The company’s intentions and needs have gone from dreams to a practical plan that will now become reality. The construction is expected to be completed by March 2023. And then, of course, it'll be time to celebrate the opening of the new facilities! Stay tuned for updates and progress reports.

Photo shows an aerial view of our current greenhouse layout with construction in the center.

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