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Learn About Our Wave Pink Pot Ambassadors

From Wave to Beacon to the tabletop vegetable collection of Kitchen Minis, PanAmerican Seed supports its many brands through a multitude of options for sell-through at retail. Shoppers can find information on our plants by visiting our consumer websites. Free signage for in-store displays is available for download (bench cards, posters, etc.). We have exciting social media content ready-to-post and share. And consumer media awareness is offered through a variety of shareable videos to play in-store or online.

With the many ways we support our brands, PanAmerican Seed is always creating unique and engaging marketing tools you can use for FREE to sell the plants you grow and finish.

This year, to further support Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies, we are fostering consumer pull-through via social media campaigns and collaborations with our Wave® Pink Pot Ambassadors. Wave’s Instagram account (@WaveGardening) focuses on brand exposure, gardener engagement, and bringing a human connection to the brand. With these goals in mind, this year's Pink Pot Ambassador program helps promote Wave Petunias and Pansies through testimonials from influential Wave fans. Their stories are posted once a month to our Wave consumer blog, and shared to the masses. Read the latest 2022 Pink Pot Ambassador blogs here.

Pink Pot Ambassadors come from all over North America and from many different backgrounds. They share their love of Wave through social media as every-day influencers and connect in a personal way with our audience. With fan club comments, feedback and ambassadorship, they’re able to have a unique relationship with the Wave Petunia and Pansy families. This approach provides PanAmerican Seed a tangible means of gaining followers — and customers! — in multiple retail areas.

We continue to find ways to support all our brands and keep them up-to-date and on-trend. Be sure to check out the exciting, free marketing tools from PanAmerian Seed and find out why our brands are important to your flower and vegetable programs. Contact your preferred distributor today!

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