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What We Saw at Costa Season Premiere 2022

The annual Costa Season Premiere is oftentimes North America's first look at new plants. It is an open house showcase in Miami, Florida, that compares new genetics in the landscape, in row beds, and in hanging basket or mixed-combo trials.

PanAmerican Seed supplied several new introductions for 2023 to Costa trial garden managers, and below are the highlights from the visits week 10, March 9-12. (Thank you for additional photos from my colleagues Kris Carlsson and Lisa Lacy.)

Hula Spreading Begonia
Looking amazing as a landscape accent near the parking lot, but also stood up to competition in the row beds.

Titan Vinca and Tattoo Vinca
A new color for each of these outstanding series is ready for 2023. Titan Cranberry is a rich hue, and Tattoo Orange has a noticable "inked" dark center.

Zesty Zinnia
Fabulous color durability in the new Orange and Yellow. Two great extensions to this impactful garden series.

Ruby Heart Coleus
Many visitors commented on this seed-raised red-toned premium sun coleus. Getting closer to that vegetative red goal!

Coronet Dianthus
New Purple and White Purple Eye showed off their large-size flowers and attractive color. Cool-season landscapes won't ever be the same.

Megawatt White Begonia
Look at the size and growth potential for this new Megawatt White Begonia. It is mega-impressive.

Dragon Wing White Begonia
It's been decades since the beloved Dragon Wing series has been in the news. It's now invigorated with the introduction of Dragon Wing White! Watch for it to be a hot topic soon.

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