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Top 5 Steps to Cleaner Greenhouse Production

Have you heard the saying “Start clean. Stay clean” and wondered how to channel this into your own greenhouse? A good, clean operation leads to good, healthy plants — and in turn successful crops.

Here are my top tips for cleaner greenhouse production:

1. Remove physical debris from the greenhouse. This includes cleaning empty pallets before bringing in new crops. Also, emptying the trash bins at the end of the day is an easy and effective way to keep diseases out of the greenhouse.

2. Clean and wash areas before using disinfectants/disinfestants. Use certain applications to obtain the best results for your operation.

3. Check the areas of your greenhouse where it stays warm, as well as vents and doorways. Making sure these spots are closed and sealed properly will prevent pests from entering your facility.

4. Limit foot traffic from workers to parts of the greenhouse with a barrier, or a sign to follow a certain path. This will help limit workers’ interaction with the plants and infection.

5. Another good tip for workers is to start the day by washing their hands before entering the greenhouse and providing a change of clothing – a simple lab coat designated for each greenhouse – from their outside clothes.

By using these everyday steps in your sanitation process, you’ll be able to create a clean culture for a successful operation for years to come. What are your favorite tips to a cleaner facility? Tell us in the Comments section, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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