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PanAmerican Seed Celebrates 75th Anniversary

In 2022, PanAmerican Seed is celebrating its 75th anniversary in the horticulture industry. We’re proud to have reached this milestone through dedication and teamwork spanning decades in the world of seed.

From the beginning, Claude Hope, Bob Holley and Charlie Weddle started the company with the same ideals about seed products and breeding. As a leader in innovation with groundbreaking products and developments, PanAmerican Seed continues to work with award-winning plant breeders with the same goal – to provide our clients with a lot of healthy seeds for quality products.

Reaching our 75th Anniversary is truly a team effort and one that wouldn’t be possible without our customers and colleagues. So often we focus on the future and the next big accomplishment that it feels quite rewarding to take a moment to look back at all that’s come before and the impact it’s had on the industry. We’re thrilled to celebrate our past and take this company into the next age of seed development.

We’re also excited to introduce a look back at the history of our company and its amazing accomplishments. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, we’ve created a video of PanAmerican Seed’s many accomplishments in the horticulture world, leading us to a future filled with more amazing discoveries in seed technology and innovation. Check it out below and come walk down memory lane, exploring products and milestones that have left their mark along 75 years in our industry!

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