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French Marigold Seeds In Space!

PanAmerican Seed is proud to sponsor the Earth part of the upcoming Eklosion experiment "Graines d'Eklo", which will take place simultaneously on the International Space Station (ISS) and on Earth.

In early August, 850 people will receive a packet of French Marigold seeds on their doormat. They are joining the activity "Graines d'Eklo" of the Eklo Association, an association that links space experiments with those on Earth and makes it possible for younger scientists to work on new opportunities. The student and young professional seed recipients will grow these seeds at home the same time as French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. How fun and challenging! PanAmerican Seed has donated the French Marigold seed as a sponsor of this experiment.

Eklosion is just one of 12 experiments of the ALPHA mission in the ISS and part of the larger Eklosion project. A capsule was created for the French Marigold seeds specially designed for growing in zero gravity. Without natural light, Pesquet will garden and observe nature 400km from earth and share his experiences. He has been living in space at the ISS since the end of April of this year. On Tuesday, Aug. 10, the Eklosion capsule will leave Earth to join the ISS along with other experiments, refueling, and provisions for the astronauts. The experiment and activities will begin once the capsule has arrived, and the astronauts will enjoy the nature they are carrying during their trip in orbit.

Image of the future: FlowerTalk in Space?
Years ago, we could only fantasize about space. Now the first commercial space flights are already happening. With this experiment and the progress of growing flowers in space shuttles, activities could lead to flowers on other planets. Maybe one day our event FlowerTalk can be telecast from space! It's all imagination, but with imagination, creativity and innovation, we make a difference in the future!

As a breeding company of high-quality and innovative seeds, PanAmerican loves to stimulate ideas and is proud to embrace these contributions to scientific research.

Curious about Eklosion and the "Graines d'Eklo" experiment? Be sure to visit the Eklo Association website at and you can follow the progress and connect with the scientists at their social media channels at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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