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With FlowerTrials 2021 unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions in The Netherlands and our exhibition in Rijsenhout not able to take place, PanAmerican Seed Europe B.V. has decided to set-up an interactive program for customers and distributors to join us via live stream. With some great input from the European sales team, FlowerTalk by PanAmerican Seed will take place week 24.

Please reserve us some time in week 24, on the 15th and 16th of June (7am - 8am EDT, 13.00 - 1400 hr. UTC+2).

On June 15, we will focus on distributers, technical issues discussed by experts in the field, and our newest varieties. Make sure to tune in!

On June 16, we will focus on grower challenges and discuss these with experts. We will also introduce some of our new varieties and will visit one of our growers.

No time? No worries! Watch our live stream on-demand afterwards.

Jeroen Star, Sales Manager Europe, mentions: "We are very happy to show our new varieties to our distributers and growers. Even in this difficult time we need to find a solution to stay in touch. I am glad we can make a successful live stream and I hope we can meet some of our distributers in our greenhouse as well."

Our greenhouse in Venhuizein will open up June 15-18, and we'll welcome visitors by appointment in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. Reach out to our European sales team to make an appointment. We can host you in Venhuizen or online via Teams or Zoom.

If you have questions on this, contact me. Or if you want to make an appointment, contact your area manager.

Stay tuned on our social media channels and newsletters for more specific information.

FlowerTalk logo looking forward to your participation in the livestream

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