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Facebook LIVE With Wave® Petunias

Now our Wave Fan Club members and followers of our social media profile can see and hear directly from our experts. The Wave Team is adding Facebook LIVE events all spring. Look for them now and in the coming weeks posted to @WaveGardening.

The series covers topics such as:
• My Favorite Wave
• Planting Up Mixed Containers
• Decorating With Wave
• Gardening Tips & Tricks ... And many more!

In the inaugeral Facebook LIVE, I was joined by the team members Katie Rotella, Mark Gross, Gianna Miceli, Lisa Lacy, Scott Rusch and Josh Kirschenbaum outside on the beautiful new Ball cafe patio. We chatted about our favorite Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies for a fun and thought-provoking discussion!

The video is now archived on the Facebook channel @WaveGardening – be sure to follow the page for new videos and to catch up on all the past sessions.

And stay tuned to the Wave Facebook channel for more details on upcoming Wave events you don’t want to miss. Our social media efforts are just a portion of the exciting new campaigns on behalf of the Wave brand, and we continue to add support and value to new and seasoned garden consumers.

Join our Facebook LIVE events this spring on our @WaveGardening social channel

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