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Refreshing Basil Cocktail

The HandPicked Vegetables team honored #WorldBartenderDay in February with a throw-back recipe served up at our California Spring Trials happy hour. This refreshing drink is the perfect way to show off your mixologist and gardening skills because the cocktail calls for fresh basil leaves. Which herb is best? Our Basil Everleaf Emerald Towers, of course! Be sure to follow our social channels @HandPickedVegetables to get more inspiration from our team.

Basil Lime Vodka Cooler
Group serving – serves 12

2 or 3 liters club soda or seltzer water
1 – 12 ounce can limeade
About 2 cups packed basil leaves
Basil leaves for garnish
Optional: 12 oz. vodka
1 gallon (or similar) drink dispenser

Tear basil and add leaves to the drinks dispenser; save a few leaves for garnish.

Add limeade to drinks dispenser. Blend until smooth with emersion blender. Note: You can also use a standard blender or chop by hand to blend basil and limeade.

Slowly pour club soda into the drinks dispenser. Foam will form as you add soda water – use a spoon to stir and reduce the bubbles.

If you are serving the non-alcoholic version, it is recommended to use 3 liters of club soda or seltzer. If you are adding alcohol, use 2 liters of soda water.

Fill cups with ice and pour drink over ice. Place remaining whole basil leaves on top of drink for garnish.

Tips if serving with liquor
Single serving: Pour approximately 1 fluid ounce of alcohol into glass with ice prior to adding basil lime cooler.
Group serving: Pour approximately 12 fluid ounces of alcohol into the drinks dispenser and stir. Serve over ice.

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