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Seed Forms from PanAmerican Seed

To gain a better understanding of the seed form your order will arrive in, and to learn why some products are offered in a particular seed form, we’ve put together a handy Seed Reference Guide you can download. Meanwhile, here is a quick overview of the quality seed you can expect when you order PanAmerican Seed.

RAW This is seed in its natural form, with no enhancements.
DE-TAILED The “tail” on a seed has been removed, giving it a smoother shape that is easier to handle.
PRIMED The germination process has been started and then stopped before the root protrudes through the seed.
AMPLIFIED Seed is enhanced through a proprietary process for faster and more uniform germination.
COATED A coating is applied to allow easier handling by the grower and in seeders.
TREATED Thiram is applied to the seed for disease control and protection against multiple seedborne and soilborne fungi.
PELLETED Multiple layers of a pelleting material are applied to increase the size and make the seed more spherical.
MULTI-SEED PELLET The seed undergoes a similar process to pelleted but combines multiple seeds in one pellet.
MULTI-SPECIES MULTI-PELLET The combining of seeds from multiple species into one pellet, essentially providing a pre-formed mixed container in a pellet.
PRECISION™ MULTI-SEED PELLET Supplies a precise number of seeds that have been pelleted first and then combined in a multi-seed pellet.

To find out more about these seed forms and the plants that are available in each, check out the video below.

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