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Delicious Basil Oil

Whenever our HandPicked Vegetables team wants to fully engage our customers with all the benefits and flavors of our Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil, we entice them with this easy recipe below. The flavor of this oil is perfect for seasoning your favorite recipes or salads, and it makes a great appetizer alongside bread cubes, cheese trays or charcuterie plates.

We've even had wonderful success during retail events highlighting the flavor of basil using this recipe plus other types of fresh-grown basil varieties. Customers love a taste-test! Enjoy.

Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil Oil

• 4 cups Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil (packed into dry measuring cup)
• 1 cup canola oil*
• 1/2 tsp salt


1. Wash and dry the basil.

2. Add the basil to blender or food processor.

3. Sprinkle salt over top of the basil.

4. Turn on blender and slowly trickle oil over the basil. You might need to stop and push down the basil every few seconds with a spatula.

5. After all the oil is added, continue to run blender until the basil is very finely chopped. Avoid running the blender too long since the oil may start to congeal.

6. The basil oil is now ready to serve. If you prefer an oil with no pieces of leaves you can use a fine mesh strainer to separate the oil and basil leaves. Use a spatula to sift the oil through the strainer.

7. Pour the basil oil into food-safe bottle or jar for serving.

8. Basil oil can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

9. Shake and/or stir prior to serving as the basil and oil will separate over time.

* Canola oil is suggested as it provides little to no flavor, allowing you to taste the aroma and flavor of the basil. Olive oil is not recommended for basil oil tastings as it has a strong flavor and will overpower vegetal and floral aroma of the basil.

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