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Our Lucky Star Pentas is a Texas Superstar

Texas A&M AgriLife Research expert Brent Pemberton, Ph.D, has awarded Lucky Star Pentas the status of “Texas Superstar”. To achieve this designation, a plant must be beautiful and perform well for consumers throughout the state. They also must be easy to grow, which not only makes them widely available to the public, but reasonably priced.

According to Pemberton, Pentas have a very broad appeal. They offer season-long color for pollinator-friendly landscapes and gardens, and come in a range of colors. “They’re very versatile, long-lasting plant(s) that can add some pop wherever you might want color,” he told AgriLife Today.

The Lucky Star® series is specially notable for its fast follow-up blooming for consistent color in the garden. It also has a one-week bloom window across all colors. Plants stay compact, tight and ready for sale, making it a “star” choice for growers, too.

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Kudos!! A great series of pentas and the colors are so rich...
Wednesday, May 6, 2020 | George
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