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May 17, 2022  Week: 20


Feb 2, 2020
Trials Results Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The annual trials program at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in Ohio, USA, has tens of thousands of annuals that are donated by top breeders, distributors and growers. These annuals are grown into plants at the greenouse at their Fidelity location. Students at Diamond Oaks High School also help grow annuals in their facility.

When annuals achieve enough growth, and when the weather and soil is just right, the Zoo plants 25,000 - 30,000 flowers into its own gardens. The plants are labeled all around the Zoo and can be seen by visitors in the summer months.

Here are a few highlights contributed by PanAmerican Seed in 2019.

Euphorbia Glamour Improved
Comment: "Performed very well in all placements. Pollinators all summer."

Pentas Lucky Star Lipstick
Comment: "All the Lucky Star were found to stay very compact and small in size. Lipstick had the best bloom and was especially awesome in August!"

Spreading Petunia Wave Carmine Velour
Comment: "We used this in a new bed and it was phenomenal all summer!"

Spreading Petunia Wave Misty Lilac
Comment: "Wow! Nice bloomer and healthy all season."

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