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Precision Multi-Pellet Technology

Experts at PanAmerican Seed are happy to announce the evolution of multi-pellet seed technology. In each new Precision Multi-Pellet (PMPL) there is one or several varieties as developed by PanAmerican Seed researchers. This new format is a departure from the standard clay pelleting technique, which led to unevenness due to the bulk nature of the process.

PMPL places each seed in a mold before it is covered in a water soluble wax. What this means for the grower is identical composition! The following video shows a brief overview of the new seed format.

In addition, here are a few grower recommendations for using Precision Multi-Pellets:

  • Store the seed in its original packaging or similar air-tight container.
  • Place it in a cool, dark and dry location. Contact with air and moisture can cause premature softening of the wax. (Follow James’ Rule of Seed Storage, whereby the sum of storage temperature in Fahrenheit and relative humidity in percentage is kept below 100.)

The video below also offers more guidelines for growers choosing PMPL.

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