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Cool Wave Hosts Fall Party to Engage Social Influencers

The Cool Wave Pansy brand team had a fun and successful “potting party” event in late-September at Rountree Plantation in Charlotte, N.C. Cool Wave welcomed special host Taylor-Rae Harrold of Style Souffle, an influential local blogger, who helped promote the after-hours get-together, and shared her Cool Wave Pansy experience on her own blog.

Read Taylor-Rae’s blog post re-capping the event here.

Photo courtesy of @GarrettPrice

The goal of the party was to garner excitement surrounding the fall gardening season, and ultimately increase exposure for the Cool Wave brand. The venue was ideal for the season, and the Rountree staff was superb with their involvement and accommodations. Each guest was greeted with a seasonal cocktail and lite bites.

Photo courtesy of @GarrettPrice

After a brief demonstration on the key steps to a successful fall planter, everyone donned their Cool Wave garden apron and selected their own pots and fall flowers – including Cool Wave Pansies, of course! – to create their own special combo designs.

In total, 20 local bloggers and media outlets were secured. All are active on social platforms, and they took plenty of sharable photos. As a result, more than 50 Instagram stories were posted, garnering a total of 220,000+ media impressions (with more coverage pending).

Our public relations team will continue to engage with the potting party attendees throughout the year to further develop brand relationships and encourage more social coverage of their take-home Cool Wave planters.

Interactive and regionally-focused events like this one in Charlotte help boost the Wave brand! Sharing practical tips and trends with key influencers encourages new gardeners and lifestyle interests to learn more about all of the great products from Wave.

Photo courtesy of @GarrettPrice

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