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Recipe: Eggplant Fries


Courtesy of the National Garden Bureau ... Jonathan Bardzik shows how to make eggplant fries using Fairy Tale, a petite plant with miniature white and violet striped eggplants. The fruit appearance is as luscious as the taste which lends itself perfectly to these crispy and tender eggplant fries.

When to Harvest AAS Winner Midnight Snack Tomato


Courtesy of the National Garden Bureau ... Midnight Snack is a unique indigo-type cherry tomato that ripens to red with a beautiful glossy black-purple overlay when exposed to sunlight. This coloration comes from the accumulation of anthocyanin pigments, the same reason blueberries are blue and contain healthy antioxidants.

New HandPicked Vegetables for 2022


Here are a few of our latest introductions for the HandPicked Vegetables collection for 2022.

New HandPicked Vegetables for 2022


Here are a few of our latest introductions for the HandPicked Vegetables collection for 2022.

Tomato Marzito


The specialty tomato Marzito is a mini-marzano with a great disease resistance package. It has rich texture and flavor. Learn more about it from the HandPicked Vegetables Collection.

Tomato DarkStar


This large, purple beefsteak has high yields and fewer blemishes than heirlooms. It also has high resistance to late blight.

Jalapeno La Bomba II


This medium-heat pepper has very large, dark-green fruit with good flavor and little to no checking. Upgraded for superior disease resistance.

Artemis Tomato #FreshIdeas


The NEW Artemis Tomato has a great disease resistance package and grows well in high tunnel applications. Long trusses of fruit stay healthy for a large harvest of very sweet tomato flavor and texture.

Planting Vegetables on the Patio


If you're planning a patio vegetable garden, here's some tips from Josh for a successful harvest.

SimplySalad for Hydroponics


In episode 3 of our #freshideas video series, Susannah shows off our SimplySalad multipellet... a great choice for hydroponic applications!

Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil featured at Great Lakes Expo


In the first installment of our #freshideas video series, Josh talks about Everleaf Emerald Towers basil at the Great Lakes Expo in Grand Rapids, MI. This dark green, glossy-leafed variety is now the latest-flowering basil variety available from seed, flowering 10 to 12 weeks later than standard basil!

Snackabelle Red Pepper - HandPicked Vegetables


Snackabelle Red Pepeer is a Thick-walled, blunt-end pepper that has a rich, sweet flavor, great for fresh eating from green to red. The Snackabelle will also hold up well through grilling and stuffing. Snackablle features “Easy-out” stem and seeds, simply push down or cut around cap to release seed cavity for quick cleaning.

Aji Rico F1 Pepper - HandPicked Vegetables


The Aji Rico F1 Pepper, is a unique hybrid hot pepper. Aji Rico has more vigor, higher yield and earlier ripening than O.P. heirlooms. Aji Rico produces narrow, conical fruit with delicate citrus flavor and medium heat – perfect fresh or cooked, green or red.

Habanero Primero Red Pepper - HandPicked Vegetables


Habanero Primero Red Pepper, is one of the earliest ripening habaneros on the market, with fruit ready to harvest as early as bell peppers. This pepper produces huge yields of fruit, larger than other standard habaneros, with just about one-third the heat of a typical Habanero pepper.

Mad Hatter F1 Pepper - HandPicked Vegetables


Mad Hatter F1 peppers are a flat-disc shaped pepper, crunchy and crisp, with a delicate floral scent and rich flavor that intensifies/sweetens as it matures. In hot, dry climates, a small number of fruit will have a touch of heat close to the seed cavity, but fruit wings are always sweet.

Candy Cane Red F1 Pepper - HandPicked Vegetables


Candy Cane Red F1 Pepper, is a snack pepper that has unique, eye-catching variegated foliage, plus fruit that ripens from green with stripes to a solid red. This pepper also has sweet flavor, thin walls, and a crispy texture. Perfect for fresh eating at any stage of ripeness.

American Farmer TV


This video segment from American Farmer TV shares details on our breeding, selection, markets and more for hobby farmers, greenhouses, and other vegetable producers growing with HandPicked Vegetables.

The HandPicked Vegetables Collection


The HandPicked Vegetables Collection from PanAmerican Seed is filled with high-quality vegetables and herbs bred especially for fresh market farms suppliers and hobby farm gardeners. They feature great home-grown flavor, earlier and longer harvests, loads of produce, and habits to fit smaller growing spaces. Product Manager Josh Kirschenbaum introduces the collection in this video.

How To Properly Melt Seed Pellets


In this video we will share sowing advice to properly melt pelleted seed for good germination.

What Is Seed Pelleting?


In this video, PanAmerican Seed shares the seed pelleting process, with a look behind the scenes at how seed is pelleted and tested for high-quality results.