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Kale Storm Mixture SimplySalad®

Scientific Name : Brassica oleracea

Common Name : Kale, Kale mixture

Salad Class : Mixed Variety

Suited For : Extended harvest multiple cuts, fresh cut, hydroponic, pot, roots-on

Days to maturity from transplant : 14-28

SimplySalad introduced the first multi-species, multi-seed pellets for salad. Easy to grow, with very quick crop times and only one pellet needed. Can be direct-sown in hydroponic plugs, 4 to 6-in./10 to 15-cm pots and colour bowls.   
SimplySalad Kale Storm Mixture Precision™ Multi-Pellets assure high germination uniformity that is perfect for hydroponic production. SimplySalad Kale Storm Mixture is the first all-kale SimplySalad and includes an attractive mix of textures and colours, including purple, green and blue.