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BlushingStar F1 Tomato

Scientific Name : Solanum lycopersicum

Common Name : Tomato, Large-Fruited, Beefsteak

Tomato Class : Large-Fruited

Type : Beefsteak

Habit : Indeterminate

Tomato Colour : Pink

Fruit Characteristics : Oblate, ribbed

Fruit Size : 2.25-2.5 in./6 cm long x 3.75-4 in./10 cm wide, 12-16 oz. (340 to 454 g)

Disease Resistance : HR: LB, SLS

Days to maturity from transplant : 70-75

Upgrade your farm stand with heirloom tomato flavour and modern hybrid tomato performance. Early-maturing, sweet and savoury pink beefsteak fruit has higher yield potential and fewer blemishes than most heirlooms. Offers disease resistance to late blight and septoria leaf spot, too.