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DarkStar F1 Tomato

Scientific Name : Solanum lycopersicum

Common Name : Tomato, Large-Fruited, Beefsteak

Tomato Class : Large-Fruited

Type : Beefsteak

Habit : Indeterminate

Tomato Colour : Purple

Fruit Characteristics : Oblate, ribbed

Fruit Size : 2-2.25 in./5-6 cm long x 3-3.25 in./8 cm wide, 8-10 oz. (227 to 283 g)

Disease Resistance : HR: LB, V

Days to maturity from transplant : 70-75

Upgrade your farm market with heirloom tomato flavour and modern hybrid tomato performance. Early-maturing, rich, purple beefsteak fruit has higher yield potential and fewer blemishes than most heirlooms. Offers high disease resistance to late blight and verticillium, too. 



Tomato DarkStar
This large, purple beefsteak has high yields and fewer blemishes than heirlooms. It also has high resistance to late blight.