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Autumn Frost F1 Squash

Scientific Name : Cucurbita moschata

Common Name : Winter Squash

Bred in Collaboration with : Cornell University

Class : Winter Squash

Type : Specialty Round

Habit : Medium Vine

Exterior Colour : Dark tan

Fruit Size : 5-7 in./13-18 cm long x 5-6 in./13-15 cm wide

Disease Resistance : IR: PM

Days to maturity from direct seed : 100-105

Autumn Frost produces uniquely ribbed, round fruit that ripens to dark tan with a frosted overlay. Fruit is similar in taste to a butternut squash, with superior quality, rich flavour and shelf life up to 4 months after maturity, allowing for supply of high-quality fruit throughout the Winter season. Fruit can be prepared like winter squash. Cut lengthwise, scoop out seeds and roast, then scoop out the tender flesh. Try cutting the top 2 in./5 cm off, scooping out seeds and roasting whole; perfect for stuffing. Cut 1/2 in./1 cm off the top and bottom of the squash, scoop out seeds, cut the remainder of the fruit into 1 to 2-in./3 to 5-cm rings, and grill on a low fire for a rich, smoky flavour. Vines are Powdery mildew resistant, allowing for excellent yield potential of high-quality fruit.