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Lemon Sun F1 Squash

Scientific Name : Cucurbita pepo

Common Name : Summer Squash

Class : Summer Squash

Type : Patty Pan

Habit : Bush

Exterior Colour : Yellow

Fruit Size : 1-3 in./3-8 cm long x 1-5 in./3-13 cm wide

Days to maturity from direct seed : 40-45

Vigorous and strong bush plant habit will produce exceptional yields of uniform, yellow, scalloped, disc-shaped fruit. Fruit is solid yellow, with no green on the blossom end. Fruit are sweet and tender; harvest from baby with the flower attached to full size, 4 to 5 in./10 to 13 cm wide. Large quantities of male flowers make Lemon Sun a good choice to use for producing edible squash blossoms.