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Candy Cane Red F1 Pepper

Scientific Name : Capsicum annuum

Common Name : Sweet Pepper

Type : Sweet

Class : Snack

Habit : Medium

Fruit Colour : Green/white stripe to red

Fruit Size : 3.5-4 in./9-10 cm long x 1.25-1.75 in./3-4 cm wide

Days to maturity from transplant (green) : 40-45

Days to maturity from transplant (ripe) : 60-65

Snack pepper has unique, eye-catching variegated foliage, plus fruit that ripens from green striped to solid red. Sweet flavour, thin walls, crispy texture. Perfect for fresh eating at any stage of ripeness. Medium-stature plant can be grown with or without trellising. Variegation of foliage and fruit intensifies with plant maturity. 



Candy Cane Red Highlights
The first sweet, striped snack pepper!