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PeppiGrande Red F1 Pepper

Scientific Name : Capsicum annuum

Type : Sweet

Class : Corno

Habit : Large, tall, vigorous

Fruit Colour : Green to red

Growth : Indeterminate

Fruit Size : 5-6 in./13-15 cm long x 1.5-2 in./4-5 cm wide, 2.5-3.5 oz. (71 to 99 g)

Days to maturity from transplant (green) : 60-65

Days to maturity from transplant (ripe) : 80-85

PeppiGrande Red is a corno that ripens from green to red, featuring outstanding crisp texture, rich flavour and more sweetness than large-fruited peppers. The corno-shaped fruit are often seedless, which means less preparation time for chopping and cooking.
To produce seedless fruit in open field production, Peppi varieties must be grown in isolation from standard (non-seedless) pepper varieties. If planted too close to non-seedless varieties, there is a chance of insects causing pollen contamination and Peppi varieties will produce a few seeds. Peppi varieties also perform very well in high tunnels, due to their indeterminate growth habit, and they benefit from season extension provided in high tunnels. In addition, the likelihood of insect pollination in high tunnels is low, so most Peppi varieties grown in a high tunnel will be seedless. If you are not able to isolate Peppi varieties, they will still produce larger, great-tasting fruit with just a few seeds. Tall, vigorous, indeterminate plants benefit from staking and trellising to support fruit weight throughout the growing season.