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Aji Rico F1 Pepper

Scientific Name : Capsicum baccatum

Common Name : Hot Pepper

Bred in Collaboration with : University of Wisconsin

Type : Hot

Heat : 3 - medium hot

Class : Conical

Habit : Extra large, vigorous

Fruit Colour : Green to red

Growth : Indeterminate

Fruit Size : 3-4 in./8-10 cm long x 1.25-1.75 in./3-4 cm wide

Days to maturity from transplant (green) : 50-55

Days to maturity from transplant (ripe) : 70-75

Unique, hybrid hot pepper has more vigour, higher yield and earlier ripening than O.P. heirlooms. Narrow, conical fruit with delicate cirtus flavour and medium heat is crispy and thin-walled. Perfect fresh, cooked or dehydrated - green or red. Largely indeterminate plants benefit from trellising. 



Aji Rico Introduction
Josh introduces the award-winning Aji Rico Pepper.