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GherKing F1 Cucumber

Scientific Name : Cucumis sativus

Common Name : Gherkin/Pickling Cucumber, European Pickler

Class : European pickler

Flower Type : Gynoecious, parthenocarpic

Habit : Medium vine

Fruit Characteristics : Dark green skin, highly spined (white)

Fruit Size : 3-5 in./8-13 cm long

Flowers per internode : Multiple

Disease Resistance : HR: CMV, S

Days to maturity from direct seed : 55-60

European-type pickler. Early, large yields of bitter-free, cylindrical, white-spined fruit. Multiple, gynoecious flowers at each internode result in abundant harvests. Parthenocarpic variety means plants produce fruit without insect pollination and are great for high tunnel production or isolated in a field. Perfect for pickling and fresh eating.