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Easy Pick Gold II Bloom Easy Pick Gold II Container

Squash Easy Pick Gold II

Seed supplied as: Raw.

Class : Summer Squash

Type : Zucchini

Habit : Bush

Exterior Colour : Gold

Fruit Size : 1-10 in./3-25 cm long

Disease Resistance : IR: PRSV, WMV, ZYMV

Days to maturity from direct seed : 45-50

  • Easy Pick Series is well-matched, smooth-textured and can be grown and marketed together.
  • Open habit with nearly no spines on the petioles for easy and continuous harvests with no pain and less scarring on fruit.
  • Parthenocarpic variety means that plants will produce fruit without insect pollination.
  • Harvest from a very small size with a flower attached.
  • Best in-ground.

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HandPicked Category

Plant Information

Scientific Name : Cucurbita pepo

Common Name : Summer Squash

Blooming Season : Summer

Plant Habit : Spreading, Upright

Spacing : 30 - 48" (76 - 122cm)

Height : 36 - 52" (91 - 132cm)

Width : 36 - 52" (91 - 132cm)

Exposure : Sun

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