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Mar 31, 2023  Week: 13

5 Steps for a SUCCESSFUL
Wave® Garden Center

It’s easy to start small and build your customer base. Check out these simple – and many times FREE! – ways to grow your Wave sales:

1. Tell your preferred grower that you want Wave and lots of ’em.

Remember to preorder early for the best selection.

2. Always sell Wave in Pink packaging.

Wave Pink pots and packs ...

  • Maintain the premium product image of the Wave brand.
  • Promote greater sell-through – Pink packaging outsells black 6 to 1!
  • Wave Petunias are the only petunias that can be marketed in Pink packaging.

Growers and Retailers: Order Pink packaging from several plastics manufacturers. Click here for a complete list.

3. Give customers more Wave colours.

60% of consumers surveyed want more Wave Petunia and Cool Wave Pansy colours to choose from.

click to browse all the wave petunias
click to browse all the cool wave pansies

4. Let them take home Wave earlier and later.

Send the right series to market at the right time with more colour choices. Expand your retail footprint!

  • Early season: Shock Wave Petunias in premium pots, packs and hanging baskets. Cool Wave Pansies in pots and hanging baskets.
  • Main season: Easy Wave Petunias in 306 premium packs, pots and hanging baskets. Wave Petunias in pots.
  • Mid- to late-season: Tidal Wave Petunias in larger pots. Cool Wave Pansies in pots and hanging baskets.

5. Tell shoppers you carry Wave with banners and signs.

Attract attention and drive retail traffic with Wave merchandising tools and POP.

 Download Wave POP and Bench Cards

How to Merchandise Wave Petunias

Get the Planogram

Download the PDF

How to Merchandise Cool Wave Pansies

Get the Planogram

Download the PDF